Shutterfly Family Photo Day!

We’ve heard time and time again from customers that each year they are hard pressed to capture the perfect family photo for their holiday photo cards.

They just don’t know where to start, they get too busy, they can’t get the family together, or they just forget and suddenly it’s too late.  Family Photo Days are all about inspiring YOU to get out there and get a great family photo.  We’ve created a website at with helpful ideas on everything you need to get started –  style tips, capturing a great shot indoors or outdoors, getting the most out of your family (tips for misbehaving kids AND a grumpy dad).  Already have a great shot, but need some advice on how to create a unique card?  We’ve got that too!  Our hope is to inspire people to get together with family and friends, enjoy good company, and get great family photos.  Find a local photographer on our site, or just take turns snapping photos of each other’s families.  Whatever your budget, whatever your style, find the inspiration to get out there and capture your family photo this year.

Check out some of our photos and the video below to see a real Family Photo Day in action at


  1. says

    Here is my big family card secret! The day after Thanksgiving when I put up the tree all of the decorations are out, right? I get the kids and sometimes with Dad …in front of the tree, or wrap them in garland, or one year put elves hats from the dollar store on or any other silly idea and snap the photo. It is a huge time saver everyone is home and if you zoom in you dont have to have the perfect tree or decorated home. It works every time! I make my cards on Shutterfly that night and place the order. Done!

  2. mypetia says

    The video rocks! Wonderful idea to get together with other families…My hubby is a bit shy for that though…
    As an alternative, I’ve invested in a wireless remote (& tripod) for my camera – it’ll be the coolest most useful little tool I ever owned!!! I love that we can goof off on the privacy of our own family (both adults and kids) and snap shot after shot… That’s my family card secret…well, not anymore (a secret, I mean…). Have fun!

  3. Joey says

    I like to have a photo w/ me and my nieces & nephews for my card. I try at every oppportunity, preferably closer to fall. I don’t care what the kids are dressed in, just so we get this done. My almost 5 yr old niece was kind of pouting and she is usually the one who is very photogenic and funny. I used a Shutterfly card where i could also use an individual photo of each child. Getting my parents in a photo…thats another story!! I took a very nice, simple, photo of them on their anniversary in August and I thought it would b perfect for a Christmas card. My mom doesn’t like any picture of herself, so that makes it harder. I’ll have to look at the video. I’m addressing envelopes – can’t wait to send them out! Great info

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