Looking for a New Point and Shoot Camera?

I’ve photographed for years with a large digital camera, wrestling with lenses and a good-sized bag.  It was inconvenient, especially when traveling.  When that camera, one that I still love, developed a glitch and needed repair, I knew it was time to add a second.

This camera and its case, shown in the first photo, have greatly exceeded my expectations and, when I visited Poland this spring, it was the only camera I took with me. It sure made traveling simpler plus giving me photos I am very happy with.  It’s wonderfully small and hangs around my neck and I often keep it under my t-shirt. The case easily holds back-up batteries and memory cards.

It’s a Sony point and shoot, and has a lot going for it with the plus of having a very small price. You get 14.1 mega pixels, a 26-104 mm Carl Zeiss lens, a 3 inch lcd and a 4x zoom.  Best of all it can be purchased for about $100.

Now I want you to see some of the pictures I’ve taken with it.

The second photo shows what you can capture by setting to the widest angle;  a lot more scenery than with most lenses.

Next, the rose was taken using the macro setting that makes the background a bit fuzzy, thereby highlighting the flower and the moisture droplets.

Here’s a baby crocodile held by a worker in a Florida state park.  I’ve cropped close, and again, the background is nicely out of focus because of using the zoom.

I bought this camera because, in reviews, its ability to make sharp enlargements was emphasized, and I like large photos, having a wall of 11×14’s in my office. This last photo is of one those prints in my office and it’s sharpness rivals that of enlargements taken with my large camera.

When looking, there are many good sources for camera reviews, but my favorite has been www.dpreview.com.  This might be a good place to start if you are looking for a good first (or second) camera.


  1. Joey says

    Great article Earl. I have been thinking of getting a smaller camera – i do have one but I run out of batteries so fast. If i did get one, I’d get one where i could charge a battery up.
    I didn’t realize that with smaller cameras, you can still get the blurry background. I should return my macro lens that was a gift and get a small camera.
    EXCELLENT pictures. Thanks for the tips!

  2. says

    Earl, great article, I myself just went and bought a little point and shoot underwater camera for 60.00 with it i bought that exact same case and love it. It is nice at times to just have a little camera readily available.

  3. says

    Great info! I have to agree! I still love my Canon Powershot G6. I would suggest the Canon Powershot line too. Small and take great photos…..easy to travel with and you can still have all of the functions of a Canon Rebel or higher…

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