Make Halloween a treat with a photo book

I recently got this crazy idea to scan old Halloween pictures…of me! We are talking circa 1978.

To research my idea, I poked around the Shutterfly Gallery and found inspiration in this awesome Halloween Past book by DAWNS1133. I would love to do a project like hers with my husband and I as children through the years! That will be my treat for Halloween 2010.

In the meantime with Halloween right around the corner (like TODAY!), I wanted to make something quickly. It was time for me to try out the new Simple Path feature. I’m a Custom Path girl myself (Custom Path allows you to fully customize your photo book), so was a little hesitant to give up control, but Simple Path won me over. It did all the work for me instantly, and even though I didn’t get to make ALL of my own choices, I didn’t mind because the book looked beautiful. Better yet, I created it in under fifteen minutes.

Here’s how I did it:

I uploaded my Halloween images, dragged and dropped a couple of images that I wanted repositioned…

…added simple captions, changed the background style to black, and I was done. Not bad for under 15 minutes!

Here’s a Simple Path trick for you. If you decide you want to add more photos to your Simple Path creation after you’ve worked on it awhile, click the “Arrange Pictures” button in the upper-left-hand corner of your screen, then the “Add Pictures” button in the upper-right-hand corner of your screen.

Happy Halloween photo-booking!


  1. says

    Two things…. I want do a collection of Halloweens past too and I love the book you pick as a perfect example of how great it can turn out. Simple path would work perfectly for this project too because having the photos place in order by date is on of the best features of Simple Path. If you scan old pictures, scan them in order and Simple Path can do the rest. I love your book too Tiff! I am going to have to dig back to my Halloweens past too and make a book.

  2. Earl J says

    Sorry I didn’t know the Simple Path trick you talk about. I wondered how to get photos from two albums, and I emailed Customer Service and they gave me the answer you just mentioned. This is a fresh idea for a Photo Book. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Joey says

    Sorry I’m just seeing this now Tiff! Great article, and i love the photo of you in 1978!! You are still big into Halloween and a book through the years would be a fun keepsake.
    I couldn’t see the 2 images above, i’m assuming they are the Simple Path examples? I like the ease and simplicity of SP. This article has inspired me to do dig through albums and start scanning in photos!
    Happy Halloween 2010

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