Family Recipe Books

Every holiday season families get together with friends and loved ones to make merry through food and drink. Older family members prepare dishes they know leave an impression in the hearts and bellies of their loved ones, while the younger generations either incorporate the latest food trend into their own nourishing contribution or attempt to take the reins on traditional recipes that have been in the family for decades. As years go by, the desire to stay close to these food traditions year after year gets stronger. As grandchildren enter the picture, so does the search for ways to pass down family recipes, and memories of holiday get-togethers.

Shutterfly fan Sara T sent us this book she created to preserve her family’s heritage that has always been full of food, fun and family. Recipes at her family gatherings have been passed down four generations and the wonderful Greek meals, full of rich colors, flavors and aromas that surrounded Sara as a child have been memorialized in  this book.  This book was made with Shutterfly’s Favorite Recipe design style.


  1. jacqueline Hill Gohlke says

    I want to make my own grandmother cookbook with her handwritten old receipe I only want 10 book for my family Can you give me a price or help get it starting

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