Will Your Holiday Card Make the Mantel?

This holiday season, when thinking about the perfect greeting for family and friends, remember to keep it personal. According to Shutterfly’s annual holiday card survey, 50% of people surveyed say personalized holiday cards make deeper connections with friends and family.

See Shutterfly’s holiday card infographic for more fun facts!


  1. mypetia says

    That is so true – I LOVE receiving personalized cards with family pics…In fact I save them every year in an album, so I can have see how friends and family change through the years. Thanks for the fun facts.

  2. Joey says

    This was really fun. I also love to send out personalized photo cards from Shutterfly, of course. I love receiving them as well. I love seeing how everyone’s kids have grown and reading their letters. Putting them in an album is a great idea.

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