Holiday Style 101- Translating the Trends

Shutterfly’s holiday style expert, Jenn Falik tell us about the fashion trends and gives us tips about dressing your family for the perfect family photo! Jenn says:

When it comes to style, I look for inspiration everywhere- fashion magazines, style blogs, runway images, red carpets. But, no matter where the inspiration comes from, the key is to translate it in a way that it is not only attainable, but comfortable, for you and, in the case of your holiday photo, your family.   After all, you want everyone to have an authentic smile, right?!

Here are three of the top trends for the season, and my tips for translating them into a picture perfect card:

Cuddle Up in Cozy Knits: There are few things I love more than snuggling up in a comfy sweater, hot chocolate (with a heaping helping of marshmallows) in hand.  It brings me back to ski trips as a kid- truly a classic American style. And lucky for me, there is a definite return to all things cozy.

Something about a family cuddled up in yummy knits just screams “home for the holidays” in the most stylish way possible. Turtlenecks are especially on-trend this season- I am a huge fan of cowl-neck styles that frame the face beautifully, boat necks are super flattering as well.

Hey- come to think of it, you can even borrow a sweater from your husband, or lend one of yours to your kids- so what if the sleeves are a little long? It is all part of the look!

Women’s Cowl Neck:

Kid’s Sweater:

Subtle Sparkle Can Really Shine: You don’t have to drape your family in tinsel to make them look festive- a few touches of shimmer should do the trick. I know it can be tempting- whenever I am styling, I have to resist the urge to throw on that extra bit of flare for the sake of the overall look. But after seeing one too many photos of myself (and yes, my daughter) a little over-done, the lesson has been learned.

A sequined headband here, a blingy bowtie there- get in the spirit with sparkly pieces and you don’t have to worry about going overboard.  And remember- we are seeing lots of shimmer and shine on holiday card choices this season- the context I which you literally frame your family photo will give that celebratory touch.

Sparkling Hair Pin:

Gold Embellished Head Band:

Color-blocking: In an outfit, color-blocking means large areas of solid hues sitting next to one another to create a geometric, clean look with a hint of ’60 mod. Translate this into a photo by having each family member don a solid shade (stick to the same color family!) so the effect is similar, yet doesn’t require a shopping trip- just a little diligent closet searching.

This is actually what I chose to do for my family photo this season- we went with purple, burnt orange and brown- inspired by none other than my daughter’s nursery!

The color blocking trend is a personal favorite because it is so easy to do with items you already own- spend 20 minutes in your closet pairing separates together that you never would have thought could work and trust me, you will be pleasantly surprised.

(For image, thinking we show dress below and then underneath it, options in key colors that could create effect.)

Men’s green pant:

Kid’s coral dress:

Think of your family photo as an excuse to unleash your inner stylist. It is your ultimate paparazzi moment- and when that flash goes off, your family’s unique fashion personality will shine.


  1. BarbaraJ says

    I agree that Simple is best! I love the colors also. I am enjoying all the information on taking photographs. Thank you my Shutterfly friend.

  2. Joey says

    This is really helppful Gretchen. I love the colorblock for pictures and that not all the colors have to matchy-matchy, but just so they are in the same family. I love color!
    Great examples!!

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