Meet Shutterfly Holiday Card Designer: Petite Lemon

We’ve been delightfully designing Holiday cards for Shutterfly for several seasons and thoroughly enjoy bringing Holiday greetings to your loved ones each year. There are many elements that bring our cards to life and we find inspiration everywhere! We’ve put together this blog post to give you a little insight into what goes into creating a Shutterfly Holiday card designed by Petite Lemon.

The Perfect Saying

Selecting a holiday sentiment is truly the beginning to designing a Holiday card. We find inspiration everywhere — music, movies, and of course online. Our 2011 card collection includes sentiments that are fun and delightful such as “Wishing you a Holly Jolly Christmas”, cheerful and charming like “Sending Holiday Cheer”, something a little witty like “Bah Hum Bug!” or a twist on a classic saying such as “Merry and Bright”. There are a plethora of fun and creative ways to say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” and we’ve included a host of them in our 2011 collection.

Realistic & Textural Elements

This year we’re brought in some new, real live textures such as antique papers, glitter and satin ribbons. These realistic elements are inspired by wrapped presents under the tree, Holiday crafting and old-time classic Christmas themes — we have designed several Christmas cards this year to showcase these ideas.


We love type! A large typographical element is a beautiful way to express a Holiday sentiment. This year we’ve been inspired by hand written calligraphy and handwriting . Custom handwriting is a unique and stunning way to showcase classic Holiday sentiments such as “Joyful”, “Blessed”, and “Alleluia”. We’re thrilled to share these elegant expressions with you this Holiday season.

Color and Patterns

We’re inspired by all sorts of color combinations — as you can see in our 2011 Holiday card collection. We believe that Christmas isn’t only represented by traditional red and green colors. We’ve expressed the joy of the Holiday spirit with browns, blues, bright greens, and yellows! We’re inspired by bright colors we’ve seen on wrapping papers, window store treatments, and tree ornaments. The same goes for patterns. We’ve created fabulous cards using unique custom patterns such as a twist on the traditional snowflake or gingham print with rich colors and cheerful elements.

Whatever card you choose, we know it will be the perfect way to wish your loved ones a Happy Holiday.

Petite Lemon


  1. Joey says

    There are a couple here that i never saw while searching for my Christmas cards. I love them all. i could spend all day looking at them. Such fun and festive designs. I just checked and my cards are from Petite Lemon – I ordered 2 different ones, I’m not sure who the designer was of my first ones. I love your work, what a great job to design cards. LOVE that. Nice to meet you – I must say I love your name!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. BarbaraJ says

    Jessica, I love the cards and I appreciate all the talent you share in your designs. It makes for a happier Shutterfly Community! Beautiful designs!
    Barbara Jansa

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