Creating a Picture Perfect Holiday Card

Creating a Picture Perfect Holiday Card

Drool-worthy designs, pops of color and hand-made details are not only just trends on the runway. Holiday photo cards are taking their cues from fashion this year and bringing stylish and oh-so-personal greetings to your mailbox this holiday season. But before you load up on everything that’s “in,” check out my top tips for creating and sending the perfectly personalized holiday card.

Impromptu Moments

Start with your photograph, which is the focal point of your holiday card, and most often, influences which card design you’ll select. I like to think about the story behind the photo, looking for the personality of the family – fun, formal, quirky or crazy! If you don’t have just one photo, you can surprise friends and family with a card that captures multiple shots that reveal the spontaneous and one-of-a-kind moments of your year. As long as you let the photo do the talking, selecting the best card will be a snap!

Candid Color

You’ve seen the jewel tones and pops of pink this year, so go bold this holiday season with a card design that jumps off the paper! I love the way bright colors such as electric blue, hot pink, emerald green and big yellow adds life to a photograph even if it’s with a simple border, a single design or a block typeface. Color elements can also make a big impact and add a fresh twist to a personal moment.

Words on Paper

You’ve picked the photograph, decided on the design and now you need to find the right words. It shouldn’t be overwhelming to offer up a meaningful sentiment during the holidays, so if you lean more classic simply use “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” as your greeting. If you want to strike a more meaningful tone, “Blessed” or “Joyful” are both thoughtful and celebratory. And if you want something fun, try out “Oh What Fun” or “Naughty or Nice?” as an attention grabber.

Small Details

Finally, adding the finishing touch can enhance your card so take time to think about those small details. For the first time this year, Shutterfly offers back of card printing on our stationery cards, so use up all that space to share those small details – whether it’s a picture of your furry best friend or a silly family shot – your friends and family will love it.

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  1. says

    Every year I give the kids some type of Christmas decoration to play with as I snap their photo. It can be a stuffed holiday animal, elf hat, string of lights on, warm red or green blanket and then they are laughing and having fun and I take the photo. Simple as that!

  2. mypetia says

    Love all the designs for the holiday cards! It is so exciting every year after I take our holiday card photos, to choose a card that supports my ‘vision’. SF has so many wonderful designs, that this year I had the hardest time making that decision. It’s a good challenge to have though!

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