Creative Holiday Card Ideas for Families of All Sizes

Sometimes it seems like every Holiday card you receive is a card with one to multiple cute little cuddly kiddos on it, and that is great, if you have kids. If you don’t and you still want to spread some Holiday cheer, you still can. When I first started using Shutterfly, I loved the Holiday card designs and wanted to make one myself, but thought “Who wants to see a picture of me and my significant other? People want to just see kids right? They don’t care about what YOU are doing. Not true. Don’t feel awkward about not having a photo card with a little one on it. Instead, feel good about your freedom and enjoyment of your current life stage and let it shine. Here are some ideas to create the perfect holiday card with that kid-free touch.

Add your Fur Babies: Those without children are extremely passionate about our “furry kids” and nothing makes them say “awww” like a cute cuddly pup. It has been proven that if you want to make someone happy, show them a picture of a new baby or a puppy. The best part is you don’t have to worry about getting them to behave for the “family” photo shoot; you probably have a lot of candid shots lying around. Here is my little Niko in the Shutterfly card called “Missing Cookie Christmas Card”.

Missing Cookie Christmas Card

Globetrotting: Because we enjoy this time in our lives with no kids, we tend to spend a ton of time traveling, from spontaneous weekend getaways to more plan out vacations. We don’t want to “brag” but hey everyone else is bragging about their joy ride of parenthood, why we can’t brag about our joy ride across the country! The great thing about it is that you never have to choose one pic. I look at it as we are educating the rest of our friends about all the wonderful places they should go too! Check out a few of our trip favorites incorporated into the “Top 10 Reasons” Story card.

Show off your creative side: If you want to create something beautiful and different, consider taking your favorite artsy shots of the year. You don’t have to be a pro photographer to grab these shots. Think about the small details of things you see in everyday life or exploring around your town and just shoot. Not all cards have to be focused on people. You may even have a lot of these types of shots on your camera phone. Taking a few of these and making your greeting a work of art will certainly stand out as unique. Here is the top of a hike we did this year in the “Glorious Blessings Christmas Card”.

Be crafty: People don’t think of a Holiday card as a gift but it can be with a little creativity! You can take any of your favorite cards and add a strip of magnet to the back so your recipient can toss on the fridge to display. You can also punch a hole in the top of the card, attach a ribbon and you have a fantastic ornament they can hang on the tree. There are a lot of great card options that can be enjoyed year after year, and go above and beyond the traditional card that sits in the basket.  With the “2012 Pastel Calendar” card design, it has the full calendar year on it, so people can toss it on the fridge or in their office with a magnet. When you send something this practical, instead of saying “awww” they will say “wow, thanks”!

Repurpose: Instead of sending the traditional card, create something unique and use it as a card. Since this is a bit more expensive, it is something families probably would not do because they are spending money on Christmas gifts for the kiddos. You have a bit of spare dough, so go all the way. You can use photo magnets, for example instead of a card. The image can be as holiday or non-holiday as you want.

Don’t send a Christmas card: You can take all of the above ideas and send a New Year’s card instead. Because it is after the flood of kiddy cards coming in, yours will be sure to stand out. Here is one of our favorites called “Confetti Dazzle New Year’s Card”.

So, if you are the couple or single without kids, celebrate and show off your style by standing out with one of the above ideas. You can still make the mantle or the fridge by being a little extra creative!


  1. says

    I love the 10 ten card or the highlights of 2011! I used the highlights card, with a family of
    five, I was able to show off each of us with photos and bullet points!

  2. mypetia says

    LOVE your ‘be crafty’ ideas!!! I may dedicate a small tree next year to hang all the cards we receive during the holidays!

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