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by Gretchen S Posted on December 14, 2011

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A photo is not only worth a thousand words, but also a bouquet of aromas, a tug on the heartstrings, or even a growl of the stomach. Read Kim Kelly of Live Life Too’s story of her recent trip to Italy, told through mouthwatering photos.

Every once in a while moms and dads need to get away on their own.  Toss in a romantic, ancient yet modern locale, a mega yacht, Italian wine for lunch and you have one dream vacation.  Such became my reality when in late October my usually not so romantic husband surprised me by booking 12 days in Italy for our anniversary.

With four days  before our cruise in Rome, our days were spent touring the city while enjoying extraordinary food and wine throughout.  Tours of the ancient Colosseum, the remains of the Roman Forum, and the incredibly moving Vatican were topped off with overflowing pasta bowls, tasty ravioli dishes, wines from various Italian regions and of course luscious Italian desserts.

An evening Cul de Sac Enoteca, just outside of the Piazza Navona, brought a one-inch binder to our table along with two menus.  Peeking into the binder, we found that the volume was none other than the vast wine list featuring over a thousand offerings.  Luckily the young servers had spot-on suggestions.

Lunch at Ristorante Mario, located in the Piazza del Grillo near the Colosseum, had us practicing the tradition of wine with lunch as we feasted on fresh bruschetta, tomato laden pastas and coffee drenched, delicate Tiramisu.  Wonderful service only enhanced our food and my mouth still waters at the memories of this quintessential meal.

A most memorable evening found us at I Colori del Vino, served by Marco, the owner.  Serving wines from Italian regions Marco paired our tastes and food perfectly to the wine while making us feel like he was preparing everything especially for us

Departing Rome on our small cruise ship voyage only continued our gastronomic travels with Limoncello tastings in Sorrento, positively the best cappuccino and cannoli ever in Taormina, and thin crusted pizzas, nothing like home (thank goodness), in more than one port.

The ship itself offered the delightful option of breakfast served outside at the Veranda Cafe, beginning our days with fresh breads, creamy European yogurts, and fruit selections each morning as we took in the views of yet another stunning Italian or Sicilian Port.

Italy became a part of us, leaving us with a powerful yearning to return.  From the chaotic espresso-like buzz of the bustling cities to the relaxing wine with lunch way of life, we fell in love.

To see more from Kim Kelly, visit Liv Life Too

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Where's my photo?
  1. AnnAbbott Says:

    This is my new favorite thing to do while on family vacations. In my last few All New Custom Path Shutterfly photo books, I have featured some of the fab meals we have had. It is real fun looking back at the wonderful memories of the food too!

    Here is our trip to Coronado

    and Monterey

  2. mypetia Says:

    OMG!!! This is DELISH!!! I mean the words, the photos, the whole thing!!!!
    My hubby and I have been wanting to do just the same for some time now…Maybe for our 20th!!!

  3. Earl J Says:

    It’s not only that the food was so great, but that you did such a good job of photographing it. Not easy, as I’ve often realized, and tough to make tempting and accurate shots of food.

  4. BarbaraJ Says:

    Gretchen, wonderful article, we start our winter wonderland trip to Yellowstone the end of January! This is with Tauck and the food is awesome. I want to not only capture the beauty of winter but also the fabulous food we will enjoy! I must get the menus also!

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