Travel – words matter

I usually rely on memory and photos to capture my vacation experience, but I’ve come to realize that these aren’t quite enough. I want the detail, like a day’s agenda, a meal, or a conversation – the moments that make the vacation come alive. So this spring in Mexico, I decided to keep a journal. Every night I jotted down a couple of lines about the day’s activities, and a couple of thoughts about the day. That’s it. 5 minutes or less.

This small effort proved invaluable when I put my Mexico photo book together, because I could just refer back to my journal for the forgotten fine points. It saved so much time, and helped me add photo book captions that were more detailed. For a great example on journaling, check out “True Treasures” ‘by ‘JoniG7’.

What are your favorite journaling techniques? Let us know by commenting on this article. And, when you get back from your trip, share your photo book to Shutterfly Gallery.


  1. Joanna T says

    These are great tips for journaling. I’m going to put on my shopping list to buy a small note pad for this very reason.
    I agree, Joni’s Travel journal is amazing.

    Joanna T
    Shutterfly Gallery Guru

  2. Rachel B says

    Thanks Joanna. I just found a few more books that have great captions and journaling.

    The China Experience by EdB071

    Disney book by Cynthia Y2

    Girlfriend Getaway by Vivatic

    Rachel B
    Community Curator

  3. Richard says

    I have about 1000 slides that I have taken over the years from the late 60’s and early 70’s when stationed in Europe and am wondering how I can get them transfered to CD’s any ideas???, probably expensive and time consuming. Also my dad has taken a lot of 8mm film of trips,brothers and sisters growningup etc. and also would like to put on CD’s more ideas needed as to how to do Thanks for the help

  4. rsheedy says

    I too have found that the unforgettable details are quickly lost, unless I take notes. It’s so important to document the “small” things, because those little details make all the difference when telling the story.

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