‘Sophisticated Florals’ – meet the designer duo behind the photo book style

Q&A with Brejer

Breanne and Jeremiah, a husband and wife team, are the proud owners of Brejer design and the designers behind the photo book style, Sophisticated Florals.

What inspired you to create Sophisticated Florals?

We love to travel and one of our trips was to San Juan Capistrano in Southern California. We were so taken aback by the beauty of the mission, the Spanish colonial architecture, the colorful tiles, the patio steps and the arches. The landscape was equally beautiful with eucalyptus, dahlias and aloe vera plants. If you look closely at the embellishments in Sophisticated Florals, you’ll see a lot of that come through.

The colors in your designs run the gamut and yet the result is always remarkably cohesive. How do you choose colors?

For this style, we wanted the colors to capture the feeling of our trip. As we were looking at our photographs, the beiges and pinks of the landscape, the lemon-yellow rays of the sun really conveyed warmth and happiness. Colors should always capture a feeling. So we played around until the palette felt just right.

Describe your creative process. Do you start with concepts, then sketches? Or is it more organic than that?

It’s really a combination of both. We live in NYC and take a lot of day trips outside the city. When we’re at home, we’ll walk around and find inspiration from old buildings, museums and city streets. There’s culture all around us.

When something calls out to us, we start envisioning a collection. We take pictures, draw sketches and then eventually develop them into a pattern that fits a product.

What are the best pictures to showcase in Sophisticated Florals?

The style is incredibly versatile. It’s really an everyday style you can use for anything—family photos, birthdays, a year in review. The color palette is striking yet sophisticated and has an overall softness to it that really allows your photos to shine. We actually used the style to document our recent trip to Europe. Our pictures from Italy really came alive in the photo book.

You are a husband and wife team. What is it like working together?

It’s been really fun! We’ve been working together for the last three years now and feel so lucky to have such a unique experience. We learned that we could work well together when we designed our own wedding announcement.

That was our first project together and we thought, “Hey, this is fun!” The best part is learning to combine our talents. And we don’t just see it as a couple thing—we spend time together as a family. Our little girl is a year and a half and we bring her along on all our trips.

Our motto is “Better together.”


  1. Joey says

    This was a great Q&A. I like hearing from the designers where they got their inspiration.
    Thanks forr sharing.

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