Capturing Children’s Growth

There is something truly magical about watching your children grow and reaching each new milestone that marks their progression from infant to toddler to pre-schooler, on up. These moments need to be captured though, because they go by oh-so-fast!

In the past, it was common to make pencil marks on the wall to record kids’ physical growth. Of course wanting to paint the room, or worse, moving, created a real problem. Luckily personalized growth charts from Petite Lemon offer a fun, colorful alternative. Not only do personalized growth charts coordinate well with a variety of nursery décor or playroom themes, they can be saved as mementos.

Digital cameras, along with some pretty good camera phones, have made it so easy to record each “first” – smiles, teeth, steps, etc – in a child’s life, along with every adorable moment in between. A wonderful way to save all of those great snapshots for posterity is to create a photo book chronicling each year of their life. What a treat it will be to look through each year’s book, seeing all of the changes and reliving each moment.

We also love this idea we’ve seen floating around Pinterest recently — take your child’s first day of school photo, print it out and have them pose with it for their last day of school. What a great way to see how much they’ve grown throughout the year.

This photo example is from

Another spin is to document your child’s first day of school and the last day of school in the same outfit.

This photo example is from (


  1. Joey says

    I loved this article. It is crazy how fast kids grow or maybe i’m just getting older. I take so many pictures of my nieces and nephews. The 16 yr old has been taller then me for a few years. My 11 yr old nephew is almost as tall as me. The girls are still small, but it amzes me at what they can go. Watching them try new things and discover new hobbies, makes it so much fun!

  2. says

    I have done kindergaten first and made books for each one of my kids. First book checked out of the library….first homework packet….first field trip on a bus…ect…
    They are so fun look back on too.

  3. Earl J says

    First Day / Last Day is a terrific thing to include in a child’s yearly happenings. There can be so many variations to this theme and what fun it will be to create other variations within the First Day / Last Day structure.

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