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Guest post by Shutterfly Fan Mila Morrison Carney

Hi! My name is Mila Morrison Carney and I am passionate about photography. Aside from loving my grandchildren, it is the most joy-filled, satisfying hobby in my life. I’ve been this way since I was a child…everywhere I went, I caught memories with my eyes, and it was always geared around a moment in time, which today, holds a legacy in my mind. Family vacations across the country in the back of a station wagon, flying a kite in a vacant lot beside our local grocery store, and distant relatives playing blue-grass music in Me-Ma’s living room…I’ve got them all. Now today, I get to share that passion with people in my life and those who are put in my path.

Engagement Photos

Legacy is important to me, and it’s what I try to capture when I shoot an event, a couple, or a baby. I go on location and will probably never have a studio. It’s important to me, that when a child grows up, he/she can look at family portraits and remember the park they played in as a child, or the backyard they grew up in. I believe the immediate surroundings are also the best way to bring out someone’s personality, where they are most comfortable in life, and therefore the truest part of who they are shines through. For it’s not so much the image I’m after, but the heart of the person I’m shooting…that’s my bottom line.

Engagement Photos

And that is the direction I try to take each project I create. Photo books are an amazing way to do that! Being able to put words to images hopefully enhances my efforts of making each book personal to the person I’m making it for. I’ve done a couple of engagement books, a wedding gift for a student teacher, and even a playful book of funny things children say about “love and marriage”…they always tell the truth the way they see it. When I’m working on an engagement book though, I give the couple a page of a few questions to answer about themselves and about each other. Neither are allowed to view the other’s answers so that when the book is tearfully discovered at the bridal shower or wedding, the heart-felt words will ring true to who they are as individuals and a newly-wedded couple.

I’ve used Shutterfly for years for making photo books, and their graphics/tools get better all the time; which allows me to spread my creative wings even further for the people I make them for. The freedom to start from scratch, or to use their suggested layouts, either way, you’re going to be happy with your results. And if by chance, you’re not completely happy, their no questions asked, guaranteed satisfaction is vital in delivering the best of who people are in any given time in their lives. Whether it’s a premature birth of a 5lb baby, a high school senior stamping their mark in the world around them, or a wisdom-filled couple’s 50th wedding anniversary, Shutterfly photo books help enable me to pass a legacy in someone’s life that is true to who they are.

Visit Mila’s share site at www.mifly.shutterfly.com.


  1. Earl J says

    Your photos speak to me in a wonderful way. They are shown to us readers up close and personal and convey a wonderful message. I’m with you on loving photo books. I’ve done more than two dozen and have two ready as gifts — one for my son on his birthday later this month and another for our hostess in Warsaw, whom we will see when we go to Poland in August.

  2. says

    I have to say I feel the same way about the photograph and how it can stir so many memories and keep a family’s history alive. I have used Shutterfly since 2005 to do just that with my family.

  3. Joey says

    Your pictures are wonderful and really do convey their personality and their surroundings. I also feel its important to shoot from the heart; it really does tell the story. Like Ann & Earl I have done over 100 books for friends, family and myself. They are great keepsakes!

  4. mypetia says

    These are some great ideas & photos – so relateable & accessible! I think anyone can do this and capture beautiful memories in a photobook.

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