Create a beautiful winter wedding guest book

I love the beauty and romance of a winter wedding. Brides in winter wraps, grooms in scarves, those holiday reds and greens. Shutterfly members have posted some delightful winter wedding books on Shutterfly Gallery, and they always make me want to renew my vows in December. For example, CMHA212745’s Winter Wedding features soft lighting and warm rich colors in many of the indoor images, and the outdoor shots look like a fairytale, with a light dusting of snow on the ground.

This cozy theme can also apply to your wedding guest book. All it takes is a couple of sweaters, a crisp winter day, and a trusted friend or photographer to take your pictures. Nik and Mel by EmilieFranke is filled with winter day images. We see the couple strolling among bare trees and posed under cloudy skies. Best of all, they’re wearing cozy turtlenecks in most of the shots.

A few of things to remember when making your winter wedding photo book:

  1. Keep it simple – guests love seeing images of you, the happy couple – so you don’t need to add many words to your guest book – or any words at all! – just photos of the two of you with blank pages opposite for people to sign.
  2. Remember the backgrounds – what colors will you be using in your wedding? To tie the book into your wedding theme, try to find backgrounds that complement them. And if all else fails, use the “Classic Wedding” background, featuring subtle silver scrolls against simple white. One of my favorites.
  3. Help your photographer – If you’re having a friend or family member take your guest book photos, here are a few tips to pass on:
    – For best results, shoot during the “magic hours” – early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Photographing mid-day is less effective because the strong sunlight makes everything look over-exposed and dull
    – Make sure you choose the highest resolution setting on your digital camera and have an extra memory card handy
    – Pay attention to camera settings for indoors, clouds, sunshine, and nighttime. In your digital camera’s electronic menu you may see icons such as the image of a cloud covering the sun

Do you have a wedding question or a wedding tip to share? We welcome you to post it in our comments section below.


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    Natural light is always the best! So turn off your flash and use a tripod if you can inside. It will bring out the warmth of such a special day like the glow of candles or tinkle lights.

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