Statue Photography

Back in the days of film, I remember taking photos of statues, mostly because it seemed “important” to do. Because I didn’t want to waste film, I’d take two shots at the most and they ended up looking like this first photo – showing the statue of course but not giving much care to the surroundings.

Moving ahead to digital days, I take a lot more shots of statues than I ever did before, and also have some fun while doing it. I hope you may want to do the same and that is why I’ve included these next three photos of statues.

First you see me engaged in serious conversation with a professor at the University of Warsaw in Poland. Of course, this is a posed shot.

Next picture is of a lady listening to what that distinguished gentleman had to say. This was not posed and was taken by my wife, Diane, in Old Town of Warsaw, Poland.

Last is the favorite of my many statue shots. I was strolling on the rambla of Tarragona, Spain when I saw this child with his grandfather. I received permission to photograph them and this is the pose that won me over.

I hope these examples might inspire you when you next discover a statue just waiting to be photographed.


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