Father’s Day Gift from the Grandkids

This Father’s Day, my sister and I wanted to do something different to celebrate with our dad. Since he lives in Hong Kong and we being in the US, it isn’t always easy to keep him updated on what’s going on with us & the grand kids.

Nothing makes grandpa happier than seeing his grand children’s happy faces & sweet smiles. To make it extra special for Father’s Day, the kids came up with a plan to express their “love” for grandpa.
Using just a few pictures and some creativity, my niece and nephew created a desktop plaque for grandpa that says “Grandpa, we love you”

It started as a fun kids art project with a simple goal: What would you like to say to grandpa?

1. The kids sat down with a few pieces of plain white paper, color pencils & glitter (for my niece) and let their creativity flow.

2. Then my sister took a few pictures of the kids holding up their finished art project.

When I saw the pictures, I thought it would make a great desktop plaque, and a meaningful Father’s Day gift.

Check out the finished desktop plaque below.