Big Brother Big Sister Gifts

No matter how much our little ones may beg for a little brother or sister, there can be some moments of jealousy as the family transitions and expands. A few easy steps can help smooth the way to becoming one big(ger) happy family.

If your little one is old enough, work together on a project to welcome the new baby. Creating a Shutterfly photo book filled with your little one’s favorite pictures of themselves, mama, daddy, and other family members will help them learn that many people make up a family and there’s always room for one more.

A special gift that promotes a sense of camaraderie and instills pride in their sibling status can go a long way in helping them become a great new big brother or sister.

Here are a few lovely ideas:

Place a sweet photo of your little ones snuggling together on a desk organizer, plaque or picture frame they can display in their bedroom and will be cherished for years to come.

Personalized Tshirts that proclaim their relationship (sisters, brothers) or individual Big Sister Tshirt or Big Brother Tshirt with coordinating onesies establish a connection from the beginning.

The Over the Rainbow Sisters Tshirt, Sunny Flower Big Sister Tshirt, Double Trouble Brothers Tshirt and Busy Bulldozer Big Brother Tshirt from Petite Lemon are a few great options for solidifying their place in the family unit.

A little one-on-one alone time might not be easy with a newborn, but try to carve out some time each week to remind your firstborn of their importance.


  1. says

    What great ideas to let the big sib that their roll is changing but is sooooo important to the new baby. Books and photos are so big for little ones and to see their face in the story makes moving up in the family kinda important too.

  2. TammyM5 says

    Great ideas and so important to keep the big brother or sister involved in this special moment and new addition to the family. Makes everyone much happier and feel special.

  3. Joey says

    These are really great ideas and i so love the t-shirts. Pictures always help newborns/toddlers identify with their family. i like the photo gits.
    I may have to pass this on to a friend who’s daughter doesn’t seem too happy about the arrival of her new sister.
    It can be trying times, but this for sure makes it more special.

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