Two Pages, One Photo!

Introducing the two-page spread – Make a big bold statement with your favorite photo. That’s right, you asked for it and we brought it to you, now you will be able to spread one photo across two pages with ease, making them pop.

This two-page spread feature is currently only available in the All New Custom Path photo books for inside pages .

Here’s a quick how-to on using the two-page spread feature:

1. While editing two inside pages, in the “Pictures” tray hover over an image. A button will appear that says ‘Use as spread’.

2. When you click the ‘Use as spread’ button, a window will appear that will assist you in cropping the image for the spread.

3.  When you’re happy with the layout and crop click ‘Done’ and your photo will be placed across both pages.

Please note that these are now two separate pages and you can move the images around in customize mode.

Which is the first photo you envision showcasing in large panoramic style?

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  1. says

    YEAH!!!! I have been waiting for this feature for years now! I did figure out how to do it in the old custom path and wrote a blog article for the Shutterfly Gang! But this is sooooooo much easier! Thank you Shutterfly!

  2. Joey says

    I remember the article Ann wrote and she helped me with my first 2-page spread.
    WOW – how cool is this. Just the click of the button. This will be a huge hit.
    Thank you Shutterfly & Shruti!!

    So excited to try this out!! Love this

  3. TammyM5 says

    I love this, super cool! I plan to use my beach photos from this year’s vacation to do this!!!! Thanks Shutterfly for making this an option, Ann also helped me with my first two page spread.

  4. mypetia says

    This is the coolest thing EVER!!! Ive been begging & waiting for this from Shutterfly for years!!! I know I’m not alone when I say “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” so much for coming through and offering this option!!!!

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