Precious Moments Seen In Fatherhood

I can’t pretend to know what it is like to be a father these days. I’m a mother and my husband is a father. We won’t ever understand fully the experience of the other, but what I love most is using the camera to capture the most precious moments seen in fatherhood.

Modern fatherhood is difficult. Providing for a family, as many fathers still do, juggling the increasing demands of home life and the hands on parenting approach that most families advocate for, is not an easy task, but dads do it and many do with enthusiasm and love. I’d like to share a few of my favorite photos of my husband with our youngest son. For me, these moments capture a tenderness that I will always remember, a special bond between father and son. The way dads parent and play with their children is completely different and it’s important that we take time to honor this uniqueness.

Photo credit: Maria Allebring

The role dads play in the lives of children is changing. The increasing numbers of at home dads, the explosion of dad blogs and the products made just for dads who are dedicated to the well being of their kids are all ways that fatherhood is different than it was fifty years ago. I doubt most of us will have many photos of the stiff, unsmiling father figure that I often saw in old black and white photos of my grandfather. No, many will have pictures of playful dads, going on adventures, doing things dad’s way.

If dad is often the one who takes the pictures in your house, then it’s time to have him step to the other side of the photograph and be part of the memories being made one day at a time.

Photo credit: Maria Allebring

After all, before we all know it, the time will be gone and dad’s role will change once again. No longer will he be changing diapers or whipping up mac and cheese. Soon he will answering the phone, smiling and wondering when the next will be that he’ll have a chance to hug his children.

Do you have inspiring pictures of modern fatherhood? What special activities have you captured that are dad centered and kid approved? We would love to hear more about how you honor dad in your photography.


  1. TammyM5 says

    I created a book for my husband with photos of him and the kids, which my kids are older, but I created the book with younger photos to current photos and activities they did together and also special holidays. He loved it!!!

  2. Joey says

    I have taken many photos of my nieces and nephew with their dad. I like capturing them when they don’t notice, sharing a playful laugh or a big hug. Times like those are special. I recently took a photo of my niece sitting on her dads lap and she leaned over and gave him a kiss

  3. BarbaraJ says

    Capturing the special moments to remember forever is just so much fun, and brings so much joy to save the memories forever!

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