DIY Photo Card for Dad

Guest post by Courtney of The Chirping Moms

The highlight of our Father’s Day morning was certainly our card! Thanks to Shutterfly, we were able to create a special card for Dad using pictures we took “dressed like Dad”.

One morning while Dad was at work, we created a fun Father’s Day photo shoot. We found the props on a blog (they were paper cut outs) and used fabric we had left over from our Circus Birthday Party as the back drop. The kids had fun with it! My two year old is usually not very cooperative with photos, but liked doing this because it was “dress up”!

Then, we used our adorable pictures to create our card. We posted the idea on our blog, as well as a link to the photo card we made. My fellow Chirping Mom, Julie, did a similar photo shoot, but dressed her little boys in their Dad’s shirts & ties! So many moms sent us pictures of their little ones dressed up for a “Father’s Day” for their own photo gift making.

We actually have so many fun pictures from our shoot, that I think we may make a photo book too. We have made many Shutterfly photo books over the past few years: we have one from our wedding, honeymoon and many of the kids. Instead of updating a baby book, I make a Shutterfly photo book every few months. Now that my daughter is two, they are her favorite books to look through!

Thank you Shutterfly, for helping us create more family memories this Father’s Day!


  1. Joey says

    i love your creative personal card for your kids dad. I bet he loved it. i liked the other ideas you shared as well.

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