Custom Alphabet Photo Books for Children

by Julie Vazquez Posted on August 24, 2012

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Guest post by Shutterfly Fan Erika Roberts from Artsy Fartsy Shopaholic

Recently, we celebrated my eldest daughter’s second birthday. It was a special birthday for us…I know all birthdays are special, but for us, turning 2 signaled a transition from baby to toddler. I wanted to create something special to mark this important day, but I also wanted it to be something that my daughter could enjoy currently.

I had seen other bloggers post about how they made personalized alphabet books, and thought that was a fantastic idea, since my daughter loves letters and singing her ABCs (well, most of them…LMNOP still sounds more like elllumm…opp). I combed through different sites and blogs (actually, this Shutterfly article was quite helpful), and I prepared a list of words that are familiar to our family which correspond with the alphabet.

I turned to Shutterfly’s custom photo book option to make the alphabet book. I have used it before and appreciate that it is very user-friendly, while still being sophisticated enough to give my photo book that layered, scrapbooked effect.

Here’s our alphabet rundown:
A – Airplane
B – Betty (one of our dogs)
C – Caroline (my daughter)
D – Daddy
E – Easter
F – Friends
G – Grandparents
H – Henry (our other dog)
I – Ice Cream!
J – Jacket
K – Kiss
L – Love
M – Mommy
N – Nap
O – Ocean
P – Pool
Q – Quilt
R – Rocking Horse
S – Sisters, swings, sprinklers, and shoes (all of her favorite things)
T – Tractor
U – Uncles
V – Vivienne (her sister)
X – eXploring
Y – You!
Z – Zoo

This is my daughter’s favorite book now, and we enjoy going through all the pictures nightly. It is so precious to hear her making associations between letters and familiar words in her world. If you are looking for a fun way to use your family photos, I highly recommend making a book like this! Shutterfly has plenty of formats and styles to suit every taste, from minimalist to nostalgic to scrapbooking style. I definitely appreciate and enjoy having the ability to so easily create something perfectly customized for my family. Thanks so much, Shutterfly!


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  1. Joey Says:

    This is awesome Julie and such a perfect book for a young one who loves her ABC’s.
    Love this idea

  2. AnnAbbott Says:

    What a fun book for the wee ones. You could combine a grandparent book and a book for them to read to the grand kids when they come to visit and one to keep home. Kids love seeing themselves in photographs.

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