Set your vacation photos free for the holidays

If you haven’t been to the Netherlands, let me warn you that the place is so photogenic you’ll need at least two extra memory cards.

Think incredible skyscapes, greener-than-green grazing pastures, historical buildings dating back to the Renaissance, picturesque cities with tree-lined canals…it’s just too beautiful for its own good.

So when my husband and I took our bi-yearly visit to Holland this Spring, I knew I’d come home with too many pictures. I also knew I’d procrastinate and leave them imprisoned in my camera or on my hard drive. I was right. There they sat…for months…and months…until I thought of the perfect occasion to let them out.

The holidays. I’m going to give my husband a special holiday photo book, filled with these vacation photos. And to make it amazing, I’ll create it in our large 12×12 format, which does a great job of showing off images in big bold detail. I think he’ll really appreciate his holiday photo book gift, because it will remind him of the good times we had, the special family moments we experienced, and the beautiful places we saw. He may even get a little sentimental about it…

Do you have lonely vacation pictures imprisoned on your hard drive? Set them free for the holidays too, by making a special photo book gift for you and your travel companions to enjoy.

Also, if you have more ideas to share about how to free your photos, let us know by commenting on this blog.


  1. Earl J says

    I love The Netherlands too, and my favorite photos from there include floats from the Flower Parade that are on display in Haalem in late April and, for sure, the millions of tulips in Keukenhof Gardens.

  2. says

    With all of the photo books I have made, I have never made a 12×12 yet! I am in the middle of making that album right now of our Disneyland trip from last year. I took over 400 photos and what them to have a special place. I am working hard to get this one done before Christmas to place under the tree as a “family gift’. Your photographs are so incredible I bet your book will be beautiful and your husband will be glad to relive such brilliant sights.

  3. BarbaraJ says

    I love the 12 x 12 books!!! The Thanksgiving Fun book that you just featured was a gift to each of our four families, and they all loved it. The photos of the children’s faces are large and I’m glad I made this book, we had a blast on Thanksgiving. It is a gift that keeps on giving! Of course I had to treat Phil and I to our Best of Alaska that we should receive before Christmas. Our second trip to Alaska was wonderful and was still on my hard drive until I made this book. I shared it with the Gallery. I love it and can’t wait to see the big photos in the 12 x 12 of Hubbard Glacier. Great ideas, Rachel.

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