Project Life: July-September Shutterfly Fan Ann Abbott

I believe I am the official memory keeper of our family. It also doesn’t hurt that I love taking photographs of my family in action. As a result I end up with file and files of digital images on my computer. In the past I would print out hard copies of all of our events and keep them organized in albums or boxes by the month. To say the least, I started to run out of room but if they stay on the hard drive, nobody ever sees them.


Each month I vowed to take the time to put my favorite photos I took of “us” and put them on a page. . I discovered that Shutterfly designed a style of photo book with this idea in mind. This year I took on the idea of Project Life 2012 and started making an annual photo book of our family. It is so easy to take on this project on a monthly basis. Some months are slow for the natural photo opt moments, like birthdays or holidays. In these months, I work on getting the everyday shots. Other months are filled with so many family events and highlights; I end up with more than two pages for that particular month.



I am already having fun looking back at what I have created so far for this year. I know the family will love this book when it is in our hands. Check out Shutterfly’s Project Life photo books styles as a jumping off point to do your own family annual year book.


  1. BarbaraJ says

    I love the project life photo books. I have made two but have only ordered the one from Yellowstone! Your pages are wonderful!

  2. Joey says

    Thats a great idea to do 2 pages per month, very impressive. Some months i got a little carried away. Your pages are awesome as well as your photography.

  3. says

    I figure I should get a two page spread for each month. Just looks better when you are viewing the book. Some life events take over some months and then add holidays! Thanks so much for all of the kind words.

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