Looking Thru Photography Tips

Over the years I’ve received a lot of good photographic advice and it has included Look Up, Look Down, Look Back and Look Thru when trying to take great photos out of good opportunities. In this blog I’m showing examples of “Looking Thru” and I will deal with other “Looks” in future blogs.

The first picture shows one of the most photographed fountains in Warsaw, Poland. It works OK, I find, because the one person we can see in the picture gives us a good idea of the size of the fountain. It also shows the relationship of the fountain to a near-by building that houses the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Then I saw a way to create a startling different view of the fountain by shooting thru the tomb.

I also took photos in several dozen churches during my recent trip to Warsaw, and I’m showing you here one of my favorite scenes. I feel this photo gains a fresh perspective because I included some of the gates above and to the left and right. In effect I’ve framed the church scene and improved it in comparison to a shot that doesn’t show the gates.

My last example is shot thru a window. Two things are happening. First, the window frames the view outside and second, I’ve shot through the sheer curtain that is patterned with musical notes. This photo is from inside the birth home of Frederic Chopin, in the small town of Zelazowa Wola.

Here’s hoping you will be on the lookout for Looking Thru opportunities the next time you take some pictures.


  1. Joey says

    Hi Earl,
    Nice to see an article from you again. I am obsessed with fountains. i love the one you captured and the different ways we can shoot. What a beautiful church – i love the music note sheers. Great photography tips and thanks for sharing pictures from your trip.

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