Capturing Fall Colors

Fall is my favorite time of year, the cool crisp air, the change of seasons, holidays coming and of course my birthday (ha)! Gave the secret away, it is a wonderful time of year for color!

Are you ready for clicking and having some great fall pictures? Let’s get ready!

The Camera
You should be able to capture fall scenes with either a digital SLR or pocket camera, but consider using a device with a higher megapixel count to really capture the crispness of the foliage. I use the vivid setting for color. My choice for a camera is a Sony Alpha DSLR A55V and I have always used the Sony cameras.

Collect a few leaves: try placing them in a stream or body of water and take your picture from several angles. Get close take a part of the leave and see the details.

Get the perfect lighting
My preference is early morning, overcast day or right before sunset. Overcast lighting has the ability to eliminate harsh shadows and highlights – and in the process, bring out those powerful tones and colors that aren’t visible under the sun. The evening light also adds color, which is the “Golden hour”! Rain or dewdrops add to taking macro shots of fall leaves. The moisture makes the leaves more vibrant. If you are traveling you may not have the perfect time of day but you can make the best of it. Get in the shade and see where the sun falls through the leaves and take the leaves from the backside! You will see the beauty of the leaves!

The following photographs are evening with the lighthouse as our ship went by and the golden hour effect.

This photograph won 1st place for display on Thanksgiving day and was posted on Sony’s site several years ago. This photograph was named, Golden Years.

Step out of the box
Don’t just point your camera at a tree, and press the shutter button. Try using the rule of thirds and often turn around and look behind you! Take from different angles, and tilt your camera in different directions. Shoot across a lake or pond and how the leaves reflect in the water, etc. Just be yourself and tell a story with your photography!

This is Mount Washington Cog Railway and is so colorful with the leaves makes a interesting photograph.

Colors of fall are not just leaves

Capturing the “Colors of Fall” is not always just with fall leaves. You can capture fall in many other ways! Pumpkins, colorful corn, corn stalks or outdoor fall decorations. All compliment your fall Photography memories. Enjoy yourself and tell a story by including children playing in the fall leaves, or climbing a beautiful fall colorful tree. Enjoy yourself and make some memories. I have on my Travel site two fall foliage trips to New England, Fall in Colorado and Fall Aspen trees in the mountains of New Mexico.

Along a stream or path below: Nova Scotia on a walk through a beautiful wooded area along the coast. You see the trails and the leaves in the stream.

The northwest photo opportunities are just beautiful as the Aspens glow with bright yellow tones. Colorado and New Mexico offer the Aspens and are just beautiful to photograph in the fall!

After you have your pictures uploaded to Shutterfly, make a photo book, cards or enlarge for printing.

Use simple wording for your title, example, “Colors of Fall” use Halloween, Fall foliage and Thanksgiving and add your favorite Thanksgiving recipes! This is a great time of year for taking family portraits against the beautiful fall color. We make our Christmas cards using the fall color!

Please visit my Shutterfly Share Site to view my entire photo book.

Fall is a wonderful time for outdoor photography! Get ready it will be here soon!


  1. Earl J says

    Hi Barbara, you have shown us beautiful photos and a blog filled with helps in creating ever-better pictures. Most of my very favorite shots were taken in the golden hours and I, like you, have always used Sony cameras. Because I travel light, my current favorite is the WX9 point and shoot with a fine, wide-angle Carl Zeiss lens.

  2. BarbaraJ says

    Earl, thank your first of all for your comment. I am so glad you told me about the camera you use when traveling. I am going to look it up to see if it is still available. Earl you are so lucky to travel as much as you do, I say go for it and enjoy life and the beauty around the world. bj

  3. mypetia says

    These are stunning photos & the information to go along with them is so helpful.
    Here in SoCal, the Fall season is fleeting – all the more reason to take advantage of this blog and capture the colors while they last. Thank you for sharing.

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