Give Them Props: Fun Family Photos!

Everyone loves candid shots, they’re a great way to capture the everyday moments, as well as the unexpected ones, but there’s just something special about posing for a family portrait. Whether your portraiture includes kids only, your immediate family unit or encompasses extended family members, adding props are a great way to add that extra special element.

Here are some fun ideas to prop a family photo:

Animal Friendly
Pets are a big part of the family, so if you can arrange everyone around the family dog, cat, iguana, etc, add them to the portrait.

Image via Pinterest here.

Spell It Out
Use letters, phrases and/or symbols to express sentiment, seasons, etc!

Image via Pinterest here.

Pop of Color
Add bright bursts of color to the background with balloons, confetti, etc to add a cheery feel (And add even more pop with a colorful personalized Petite Lemon tshirt!)

Image via Petite Lemon.

Dress Alike
Whether everyone is in the same color, wearing the same pattern, or in personalized Tshirts, dressing alike adds an extra element of cohesiveness to your tight knit clan.

Image via Petite Lemon.

Chalk It Up
Use chalk to draw your background for a very unique, artsy take on the family photo.

Image via

And if you want to take your propped family photo beyond the traditional picture frame, consider turning your portrait into a cool wall decal from Shutterfly.


  1. Joey says

    Jessica thank you so much for this article. It is so much fun and the props add an extra element that when people receive the picture it will make them smile.
    Love these images and those t-shirts are too darn cute.
    I agree with Ann that this idea makes it fun for kids who may not be willing to have their photo taken.

  2. Earl J says

    Your blog is a fine example of sharing photo tips in a practical and fun way. Like most people, I roll my eyes a lot when asked to take a “family” picture but no more do
    I have to do that. Thanks for giving us such great tips. And I can see it helping when I have to pose family members of all ages.

  3. BarbaraJ says

    I agree with you and I love giving props for taking photographs! Especially with the kids. This is a great article and some wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing.

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