Photo Books for Traveling Memories

Guest post by Shutterfly Fan Terry Beaudoin

My name is Terry Beaudoin and I have been a Shutterfly member since 2005. I currently live in Georgia, but am from New Jersey. I did not start getting into the photobooks and other products until 2009, when my husband started his medical school journey. Medical school is a difficult process to go through; you not only have to put your self in major debt, but you may have to move around several times, like we did. Since January 2009, we have lived in many places (Dominica, Michigan, Maryland and Georgia) in between living back and forth in our home state of New Jersey. We made lasting memories in each of these places, which made it difficult to part with our lives in each place.

I soon learned that moving around was a positive journey because both my husband and I were able to meet people from diverse backgrounds and learn about the different areas where we lived. In the Spring of 2010, when we still lived in the West Indies island of Dominica, I decided to choose a few hundred pictures from the thousands of pictures I took there and include them in a 12 x 12 photo book. That brought back so many memories that we made when I organized the pictures in order throughout my first photo book. Since my first photo book of Dominica, I have made several more: Michigan, Our Wedding Showers, Our Unofficial Wedding Album, Our Honeymoon, Maryland and Savannah. I am currently in the process of making our Georgia photo book, since we still have some time left here.

I look through all my photo books from our medical school journey periodically and often cannot believe how far we have come: from landing in a nature island and getting used to the island life to moving and finishing our last few months of medical school in Georgia. The photo books have been very easy to put together and are thin enough to easily pack them in our moving boxes. Our families and friends love to look at our photo books when they come to visit us. They mention how well organized they are as well as compliment on the photo book quality. I have gotten several other friends and family members into Shutterfly.

I have not only created several photo books over the past few years, but also canvas wall décor, desk plaques, large prints and a photo magnet with our medical school journey memories. I also love to make photo gifts for people on Shutterfly, which people love. I will always be a Shutterfly member. When we have kids in our future, each child will have a year in review photo book.

Thank you, Shutterfly! We definitely appreciate how we can keep our memories alive.


  1. Joey says

    I loved reading your story Terry. How you were brought into making photobooks and how they keep the memories alive. They are indeed a great keepsake. Looks like you have made many with yours and your husbands medical journeys.
    Memories captured in a beautiful photobook to last for years!
    Thanks for sharing.

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