Shutterfly Brand Refresh

Hi I’m Vasco, Sr. Brand Art Director for Shutterfly.

When we were tasked to create a brand new look for Shutterfly, we were quite excited at the opportunity (that’s an understatement actually). Our company had been growing tremendously over the years and needed an expression to reflect who we are and what we stand for. But how do you design for a company that’s all about something so intimate, personal and meaningful–people’s memories? We decided to start there- at a memory.

It really comes down to one thing- our whole look and feel is based on YOU, the customer. You come to Shutterfly to store, celebrate and share all the important moments in your life or rather, what’s important to YOU–from a Saturday with the kids at the park to milestone events such as Mother’s Day, birthdays and the holidays. Little moments mean big things, and ordinary photos to some, are perfect photos to you. That photo holds a memory, a web of senses- sights, smells, sounds- that takes you back to that place.

So, we set out to create an expression based on that—your life’s stories.

We made conscious design choices to change the logo to reflect the excitement of receiving the “orange box” in the mail. We’ve heard time and time again that customers love the orange box because it’s a symbol of something more–their memories and stories. We’ve also made our brand color a little richer and more contemporary. We like to call this orange color “Ignite orange” because it’s full of spark and life. Lastly, the letters in the logo were inspired by the letter “U”- to reflect you, our customers. It was important for us to put meaning into everything we crafted for the new expression.

Most importantly, we made sure our photography expresses your moments- the emotions behind the photo are why you transform your photos into photo books, cards and gifts.

We hope you enjoy the new look as much as we have enjoyed creating it.


  1. Earl J says

    So often,redesigns go bad (the Smithsonian comes to mind) but yours is not only effective and also remains readable where so many redesigns go off the track. Like the others, I love getting my product in the great orange containers.

  2. Joey says

    I enjoyed reading the story behind the new design; that it was created with the consumer in mind. I really love that Shutterfly is shaped like the letter U with you in mind!
    This is really great. I really like the change, its fresh, and makes a statement.
    YAY for the Shutterfly team!

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