Halloween Themed Photo Books

Premium Halloween Storybook Photo Book – our newest Halloween photo book is an elevated design created in a true story book manner available in Custom Path. Each page is made to sit side-by-side and tells a complete story. With new design elements such as topsy turvy photo placement, color contrast pattern bands, and fun framing layouts, this new Halloween photo book really comes to life. There is great photo space that works well for large families, trick-or-treating with large groups of children, or Halloween parties. We’ve added new shades of purple and teal which separates it from the traditional black and orange colors to bring new life to Halloween.

Halloween Spooktacular Photo Book – This new style is more of a traditional Halloween photo book available in Simple Path. It has an orange and black neutral palette and adds punches of purple and lime green to break up the traditional colors. It contains a lot of typography embellishments with auto fill pages and automatic photo frames. This photo book is great for the person who doesn’t have a lot of time but wants to create something memorable for the Halloween holiday.

Happy Hauntings Photo Book – This photo book is a fun and youthful traditional style photo book and is available in Simple Path. It contains youthful illustrations and background palettes of purple, orange, green and black. It’s fun, fast, and easy to create with drop-in photos, and automatic photo framing.


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