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I’ve been looking at Shutterfly Gallery winter wedding photo books (like Winter Wedding by CMHA212745), and it’s gotten me into the wedding mood. As luck would have it, we’ve got wedding experts here at Shutterfly who have written some fantastic articles on wedding photography. Now I can get my wedding fix and learn something new at the same time.

Let’s learn about finding our wedding photography style.


Choosing your photographer is more than finding someone who can take pretty pictures. It’s about partnering with someone who can capture the story of your unforgettable life event. Knowing the basics of wedding photography will help you search for, interview and select the right photographer for you. Here are a few things you should know before starting:

What style do you want – photojournalism or traditional? You will see these terms a lot and they have a huge impact on how your photos look.

Photojournalism: The focus is on action and spontaneity. This style has become increasingly popular in the past 10 years, and gives weddings a visual authenticity by capturing activity as it happens.

Traditional: It’s exactly as it sounds-posed, formal portraits. Pre-defined moments during the wedding are photographed to ensure the essence of the day is captured.

Combinations: Many wedding photographers are now offering a mix of styles, including photojournalism, relaxed traditional, high fashion and fine art.

You started telling your wedding story when you dreamed of its theme, colors and setting. Take that idea with you as you explore online photo galleries and wedding photographer sites. Combine it with the ideas you are getting from wedding magazines to form a visual collage.

Being able to describe what your wedding should be – and what it means to you-is the most important thing you can bring to the discussions with potential wedding photographers.

After you have a good sense of how you want your photos to look, page through albums from previous weddings by each photographer to make sure they shoot the way they say they do – and the way you want them to! If the company you interview has more than one photographer, make sure you are looking at images from photographers who will actually shoot your wedding.

You should feel comfortable bringing informed opinions to your wedding photographer. If you share a common understanding of your needs, you and your photographer will be able to discuss photography styles, moments you want to capture and keepsakes you want to create. When that relationship works, the time you spend with your photographer will be as important as the time spent with any member of your wedding party.


Now that you’ve learned about wedding photography style, what do you think your style is?

I’ll start. I think I prefer combo. I love the spontaneous moments, but I know my family will appreciate the formal portraits.


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    I love the photojournalism style. But where the couple and guests don’t know their photos are being taken. This is the style I work with now because I take the photos and photo books for gifts. I always try to get angles and capture events and details that the “traditional” style that most photographers miss. I also love how natural candid photographs are. If I can combine photojournalism and art in a photo then my goal is reached and the product is something very unique and special.

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