Custom iPhone 5 cases coming soon

We’re excited about the many new designs we launched recently for custom iPhone cases. With the variety of designs we offer you will have the most unique iPhone case ever when you personalize it with your photo, caption or monogram.

What’s more, we will also have iPhone 5 cases on October 12.

So whether you’ve upgraded to the new iOS6, have an iPhone 3g/3GS, iPhone 4/4S or the brand spanking new iPhone 5 you can show off your own personal style.

Check out all our iPhone Cases here.


  1. Joey says

    I love this idea, perfect way to personalize your phone. I would want an iphone for these cases and to do instagram.
    Maybe one day!! Its so cool that Shutterfly offers these

  2. Mike Claredon says

    Should check out Their cases are slim, come in many varieties and stick to glass. Turns your iPhone into a hands free selfie machine!

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