Behind the Scenes: Our Card Designers Share their inspiration

Ann Marie Riley, our copy writer, got a sneak peek of what our card designers have been working on for this Holiday season.

“It’s no secret that our stellar holiday card designs come from a group of talented artists whose expertise ranges from hand-lettering to illustration to layout. And, you can’t help but feel the creative energy that pulses through our design team’s workspace as they’re hard at work on a sketch, diligently hunting down trends or bouncing compelling ideas off each other while Talking Heads buzzes in the background—clearly, this is where the magic happens. Besides some serious artistic abilities and an inspired environment, what else does it take to create an imaginative and frame-worthy holiday card collection? Senior designer, Leah Hefner, breaks it down for us as she explains what a collaborative effort is all about, “We work very closely together and are constantly inspired by each other’s work. If we find something exciting, we share it with the rest of the team because you never know where your next great idea will come from.” Oh, and did we mention patience and time? They’ve been working on this year’s holiday collection since last January.

So, what’s trending this season in the land of holiday cards? We went straight to the source to see what our designers have to say.

  • Bright and bold colors! Neons, color blocking and cheerful color pairings are everywhere. These colors are fun, festive and speak to the joy of the season.

  • Neutral muted tones with pops of metallics or neons add the perfect amount of drama and sophistication.

  • Into the woods. Woodland-themed imagery, flannel and earth tones are sure to get us in that cozy, hang-by-the-fire mood.

  • What’s your type? Poster type and hand-drawn typography are extremely popular and you’re going to see this treatment all over the place.”

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