Reaching Goals with a Personalized Calendar

The first week of January is full of great intentions. Promises made, goals set, and intentions declared to your Facebook friends.

By the second week, your stamina might be fading a bit, but you’re holding on to your high hopes. You WILL get to the gym (tomorrow). You’ll send out those holiday thank you cards (when you find the free time), and you’ll really switch out that cookie for an apple.

But by the third week of January, all bets are off.

We’re fighting back against the third week slump. We know that this year, you can keep your goals. And by creating a personalized calendar, you can do it in your own way.

 Keep Your Goals Visible

Made a goal to spend more time relaxing with your kids? Fill your calendar with your favorite shots of summer vacation, family road trips, and holiday outings.


Did you resolve to get moving more this year? Find photos of outdoor activities that you loved – the photos will remind you how much fun you can have while being active.


Are fruits and vegetables topping your resolution list? Try filling your calendar with beautiful food photographs. You’ll be hungry for healthier choices!


Check In With Yourself

Make sure to add in a few “check-in” dates for your goals – this will help you hold yourself accountable.

While creating your calendar, you will have the option to add events to each month:

Clicking on the bottom tab will open a box to create the event details. You can even make the events recurring.

Add a picture to your “check-in”, and personalize your calendar even more.

Check Out Our New Styles

We love our new calendar styles!

To keep a festive spirit year-round, check out these beautiful seasonal backgrounds.

Or for a more modern and chic look, try our Black & White backdrops.

Let us know how your calendars turn out – and if they help you achieve your goals!


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