A Photo Book Style Just for Digital Scrapbooking!

We’ve had digital scrapbooking options available in our photo books for quite some time (check out our All New Custom Path), but now we’ve added a new style to make it even easier to collect your digital scrapbooking into one amazing photo book.

We designed our all-new DigiScrap Style with the ultimate digital scrapbooker in mind. The style automatically gives you a full bleed, blank page, on every page, so you can upload your own digital scrapbook pages.

Our new style makes it easier for digital scrapbookers to create their masterpieces.

Remember to use the Storyboard feature to make it even easier – just drag and drop your pictures onto the pages you want (Check here for more Storyboard tips).

New to Digital Scrapbooking?

Check out these resources to help you get started:

DigiScrap Video Tutorials

DigiScrap Design Tips

Head over to our Pinterest page to find great digital scrapbooking links. There are so many wonderful resources out there to help get your creativity going!

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