A Love-ly Pose

You might not think Groundhog Day could be the inspiration for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot. But, inspired by several great shadow photos (including this family pose) on Pinterest, we came up with a romantic pose that is perfect for the holiday.

Capturing this photo requires a bit of advance planning – you’ll need sunshine, to start! – but isn’t too hard to pull off.

Create your letter shadows by cutting out a stencil on posterboard, making the individual letters to be large enough to read.

Then, find your “background” – this can be any flat surface. In this photo, we used a brick wall to give added texture. With the sun behind you, hold your letters above you and snap away! The fun comes with trying out different poses – kisses, linking arms, and other silly moves only add to the charm.

Hint: Shooting too early or too late in the day can cause your shadow on the ground to be too long. Simply pose in front of a wall – this will control your shadow.

Now that you have your shot, it’s time to share your love. This special pose is great for Valentine’s Day cards, photo gifts, or even just to share out on Facebook and Instagram!

Will you be photographing your shadow this Groundhog Day?

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