Instagram Roundup

We’re introducing a new weekly feature on the Shutterfly blog called Instagram Roundup featuring our top 10 favorite pictures we found on Instagram this week.

Sticking with the Valentine’s Day theme we searched the hashtag #hearts and found our favorite images. Enjoy!

1. Ceramic Love Hearts from @gingerdiane

2. Playdoh Hearts from @kylefitchhh

3. Sticky Note Hearts from @randomposts31

4. Art Hearts from @emilymaefulkerson

5. Candy Hearts from @chelly_815

6. Paper Hearts from @kaito_conan

7. Shoelace Hearts from @autumnharries

8. Love Note Hearts from @izzy_lowenkron

9. Music Note Hearts from @lifeuncensored

10. Earring Hearts from @ninjagirlcrafts

If you’re on Instagram you can follow us at Shutterfly Instagram. Did you know that you can also import your Instagram pictures to use in your photo books now? It’s a great way to capture all those on-the-go moments!

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