Get Creative with Shutterfly Today!

Are you ready to catch up on some projects? Take your pictures just sitting in your Shutterfly pictures, and make something special? That is exactly what I have been doing the past few months. Also, I am getting ready for spring and Easter projects coming soon!

Shutterfly Photobooks:

Here are a few projects I have enjoyed making, using wonderful Shutterfly photo books selections.

The beautiful Shutterfly books are waiting for each of us to create our own wonderful memories using Shutterfly photo book creations, and other gifts for our family. This book is a 12x 12 book named, Glad Tidings. I also made a Christmas book for my children named, Vintage Christmas, both can be found under Shutterfly photo books and the names are in subject clearly marked on the book.

My next book was from our Fall Trip to New England and we had a blast. Shutterfly has this beautiful book just for New England and so many other travel books to choose from. This is one of my favorite pages from my book. I had a blast making this book and enjoying that bright orange package when it arrived at my door!

Personalize your own greeting cards:

Do you feel like sharing your favorite photographs using the Shutterfly cards? Well I have so many pictures that I think would make such a personal card from my photography. I wanted them to be general in subject, with no titles. Of course if you know me, I love Ruby Throated Hummingbirds, flowers and also taking pictures of my grandkids. This is one of several cards I have made this winter and will continue to make as spring unfolds! I used one picture on this card, with a generic greeting inside for any occasion. Shutterfly has designed cards for every occasion, make someone special a card today!

Desk Top Plaque:

Following Christmas, this past February I make several 8×10 Desk Top Plagues. Here is one for my daughter’s two children. I look through the Christmas photo shoots and found my favorite! I have eight grandchildren and this is just one of many desk top plagues that I made.

I would love to challenge each of you to look though your pictures and see what you can create each and every year. I love all the new designs, thank you Shutterfly! Always upload your pictures to Shutterfly for secure storage!

I love creating with Shutterfly!

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