Photo Books: Idea Pages

Brittany Prim, our photo books Merchandising Manager highlights another important feature that will help make your photo book creation process faster and easier.

As an avid photo book maker, I love learning about tips and tricks that other people use to to help them tell their story to it’s fullest potential. It’s an added bonus when I learn about something that helps save time in addition to enhancing the story. Idea pages fit into that category.

These pages are curated by our designers and merchants with the end goal of giving a fully designed page that you can easily use in your book without having to do all the work to build it. We spend a lot of time here at Shutterfly making sure that each style (now up to 169 different styles!) has a wide range of idea pages that speak to the heart and soul of what the style represents. These pages are then placed on the “Idea Pages” tab within the creation path. All you need to do is click on the idea page you like, and it appears in your book, ready for you to drop in photography and text as needed. As always, you still have the option to remove or add any embellishments, backgrounds, and pattern bands, letting you truly make your book your own. You can even pull in idea pages from other styles through the extended palette. My favorite combination is Pictogram with Travel Snapshots.

After discovering idea pages, I started using them in every project I made. They saved me loads of time, and made my photo’s really shine. I love knowing that the pages represent the vision that the designer had for his or her design, and in the end, it saves me time and makes my book look amazing. Oh, and they also include idea pages for both front and back covers.

Have you tried using idea pages yet?

Look for idea pages at the bottom of every photo book style.

Style show here: Best Day Ever

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