Looking Back Photography Tips

In recent months, I’ve posted some articles that I hope have given you tips to show you improvements that can lift your photos to a new level. Those articles dealt with the photo possibilities when Looking Through, Looking Up and Looking Down. Today I’ll show you some examples of what your camera can capture when Looking Back.

My first two examples were taken in Eden Gardens State Park near Destin FL. I entered the park and walked toward the river, taking a silhouette type shot of a sculpture where two young boys were carrying a canoe to the river. I snapped some pictures of them but when I turned around and looked back, I saw I had not seen this beautiful mansion that I learnede later was the highlight of the park – an estate given to the state of Florida in recent years.

My next two examples show two incredibly different scenes. First we see the dramatic, 5-star Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest, Romania. It looks like you would expect such a hotel to look. But, can you believe that when I turned back from looking at the hotel I saw this ugly and littered exit from a Metro station? It didn’t give me a very favorable impression of that city.

A few years ago I was taking a cruise on the Tejo River in Lisbon, Portugal. By looking back I was able to capture the Cristo Rei statue just as it was centered under a span of Lisbon’s 25 April Bridge. I had to take a lot of pictures while hoping that I could capture one like this.

It’s back to Romania for the next examples. First is of a beautiful, flowing river in the charming mountain town of Brasov. Turning back gave me this view of a run-down parking space that was in back of that beautiful river.

I’ve saved my best example of what you can photograph when looking back for last. I was taking photos in Luxembourg City on a day when it seemed, because of the gathering crowds, that something special was going on. So I checked it out and found that the day was special as Luxembourg was celebrating the anniversary of the day when the Americans brought freedom to their country during World War II. Of course I wanted to take a photo of the Grand Duke and Duchess during the award ceremony. Then I thought to turn and look back, where I could record the amazing faces of some of the Luxembourg citizens in back of me who were watching the royal couple.

I hope these photo tips might give you some reason to try “Looking Back” on your next photo shoot.

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