Photo Gallery Wall Art

Crystal Wiltshire from Ideally Speaking shares her creative photo gallery wall art.

An empty wall in your home is like one big blank canvas. There are so many different options that you can do to really make a statement. While some people might prefer a great piece of art, I’ve always been partial to decorating my walls with photography. There simply something about staring up at a space filled with my own memories that warms my heart and makes me feel at home.

When we moved into our new home this past fall, there was a lot a big empty walls. Like many other Pinterest addicts, I had gazed through dozens and dozens of beautiful pins of stunning gallery walls, and knew that this is my chance to create that in my own home.

It had been a while since I had ordered any recent family photos and new I would need good quality prints for my galleries. One of the many incredible Shutterfly promotions had caught my eye and I hopped online to place my order for a ton of prints in all different sizes.

The first room I wanted to tackle with our living room or family. It is the room that we probably spend the most time in and I wanted to feel like home as quickly as possible. There’s a great open wall above the couch that I knew would be perfect for a photo gallery. I headed back onto Pinterest to gather up some inspiration for the layout, and stumbled across a fantastic tutorial on how to quickly put up a gallery wall.

For me when it comes to hanging photos, shelves or anything of that sort, the measuring is the most frustrating part. So when I found this tip about using wax paper, it made the process seem a lot less daunting.

I started off by figuring out exactly how much space I wanted the gallery wall to take up. Then I cut and tape together strips of waxed paper to that appropriate size. I laid out all of my photos on the floor in the arrangement that I wanted, and placed the wax paper on top to ensure they all fit into the space. Next I flipped all the photo frames upside down, laid the wax paper on top of them and marked the edges of the frames and all nail holes. I then taped the wax paper up onto the wall and put in all my nails. Last step was to simply rip off the wax paper and hang the photos. It was that easy.

One wall decal later and I had a perfect gallery wall filled with photos and make my husband smiled, and make my little girl feel like the superstar she is. I have since created a few others in my daughter’s room and in our master bedroom. I feel they really tell our story was we walk through our home.

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