Travel Photo Books

I love taking photos when we travel. I tend to take thousands of photos during our travels just to make sure I don’t miss anything. When we get home I go through the pictures and pull out my favorite photos. I used to print the photos and ended up with huge stacks of random photos that were not in order and had no information to go with them. I started making Shutterfly photo books to help document our travels.

I make Shutterfly photo books each time we return from vacation. I love being able to highlight our favorite photos in an easy to share book. I can add in information on our trip, scanned copies of ticket stubs, plane tickets and our cruise memorabilia. I am able to add in my memories of the trip and highlight funny things that happen during our travels.

I no longer have to worry that a huge pile of photos was knocked over and everything is out of order and all over the floor. The Shutterfly Photo books make it easy to organize by labeling the trip and date on the side of the album. I can easily locate the photo book I am looking for on the shelf.

Shutterfly also gives me the opportunity to email my friends and family copies of our photo book. This is a great way to share our photos with family that does not live near us. We can share our favorite photo memories for free. When we travel with friends and family we often make Shutterfly photo books for gifts after the trip. It is so much fun to surprise our friends and family with a readymade memory book of our fantastic trip. I can ship the book directly to them via Shutterfly and just have to sit back and wait for the surprised phone call.

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