Shutterfly Sports Team Websites

As a Mom involved for many years with the kids school booster clubs and team leagues, I found the new Shutterfly application for creating a sports team website to be a great innovation. With all the updated cameras on smartphones, there are so many photos to share as relates to the team games and events and this is a phenomenal way to share privately among team parents!

In addition to capturing special moments on the field, there are so many ways that these shared photos can be used for booster clubs. Team t shirts can be made, awards dinner gifts created, newsletter updates featuring winning moments or outstanding plays are just a few. It is so easy and the privacy feature insures that just those members of your group or team can access the photos.

One of our favorite ideas in the past was to create photo magnets for each of the players and having access to so many pictures, makes this an easy project and a lasting memento that has more longevity than a trophy.

Use this cache of team photos to create a photo book for the senior players or a special gift for the coaches. We have made mugs for our players and collecting all the photos used to be a big project as the emails were flying or in the old days photos dropped and had to be scanned.

Now using your team website, you can easily see all the photos and choose the ones that are best and the product line up is has such creative ideas. We would always gift a special action shot to our seniors also.. again, this is a less expensive and much easier way to find the best photos for a gift like that.

We loved to make a season in review DVD and you can easily do that through your team site with all the photos that will be there and through Shutterfly it is so easy.. you can add the photos, add the music and special borders too. You can use all the various Shutterfly products to make various projects that celebrate your team and their season.

Turn your sports photos into a wall decal.

Outside of athletics, this private website feature can be utilized for other groups such as the members of the school musical, the marching band, the cheerleaders and more. The possibilities are endless.. so thank you Shutterfly for this new feature to make boosting team spirit and capturing the memories of a great season or event so easy.

If you would like to see the ideas we used for our own booster clubs check out our Team Spirit section of Celebration Ideas Online. You will find some creative ideas for your own Booster club or team league.

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