Window Photography

I’ve just received my latest Shutterfly book (I’ve collected more than 40 books over ten years) and it’s what I call a theme book and the theme for this one is Windows.

I like designing a book around themes because it seems easier – and better – than a book that is just a collection of good photos. And with Shutterfly’s custom path option it is so much easier to design the pages the way I want. I put the pictures and copy just where I think they look best.

My wife, Diane, works with me on most of our photo projects, and that is the case with Windows. Usually, when we check the printed book, we find that we each have contributed about half of the pictures, but she wants me to do the design. I happen to like the black background color because to me, it makes the colors in the photographs jump out. Now, to the photographs.

The Dutch are very neat people and this shot of a window in Haalem, the Netherlands, is a typical window of a home in that town.

I’m closer to my home for this shot. It is part of a Cracker Village in a state park in Perry FL and I was pleased with the way I could frame the sewing machine that can be seen in silhouette.

This next photo shows a set of ornate windows and doorways of the entrance to the Rossio railroad station in Lisbon, Portugal.

For variety, I like keeping an object (the lamp in the case) that adds perspective to the window. This was taken in a historic home in Madison FL, during a Christmas-time open house and invites us to look at the palm trees outside.

Silver River State Park, in Florida, also houses a Cracker Village and this window is looking into their one-room schoolhouse.

We never tired of the view we had of Prague, Czech Republic, from our bedroom window in the Corinthia Hotel, shown here. Although we couldn’t see it from our room, there are metro trains running under the bridge on their way to central city.

This photo is one of my favorite window shots as I was able to include near-by buildings plus the famous St. Mary’s Church in Gdansk, Poland. St. Mary’s is the largest brick church in Europe.

If you have produced, or plan to produce a theme photo book, please share it with me.

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