Shutterfly Photo Books Using Mobile Phone Images

I love taking photos with my phone. I am able to document the random crazy fun that we have during the day. The only thing is these photos don’t really fit into normal photo books. They are a bit random and don’t really have a theme or all fit together. I decided to make Shutterfly Photo Books to help document my phone photos.

These photo books are now some of my favorite books on our photo shelf. They are so random and funny to look at. They show the day to day random and fun adventures that happen. I sort my phone photos by month and then add my favorites to a file on my computer. Every year I put together a photo album showcasing my favorite photos. Some years there are so many photos I have ended up making 2 photo books.

It is so nice to be able to look back at these photos in a Shutterfly photo album. Before I started making these albums I would never look back on my phone photos. I posted them via social media and they just kind of disappeared. Now I have the opportunity to look back on them and enjoy them the same way I do our travel photos and holiday photos. Our phone photos showcase our everyday life and what is happening as a family.

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  1. Sharon Harsh says

    I am having difficulty getting my cell phone photos to print clearly in the photo books. Did you find a way to edit and size the photos for maximum quality? Thank you!!!

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