Babies First Year Time Capsule Photo Book

With the birth of our first child came hundreds if not thousands of pictures.  Those pictures mixed with memories of other events that happened this past year had to be documented and captured somehow.  So while I was planning her 1st Birthday party I had the idea to use Shutterfly to create a photo book with pictures of all her first as well as historical events that happened this past year.  This book would then be at her party and guest could sign the book “yearbook” style and write on the inside cover and pages.  Since the book contained things about our daughter and pop culture guests could write things like what they thought the first time they saw her, where they were when the Olympics were on this past summer, what they thought of this years Oscar picks, Super Bowl winner, election or just well wishes for the future.  This time capsule book would let her know what her family and friends experienced during her first year of life.  After the party the book was sealed up and will not be opened again until her Sweet 16 party.


I selected Shutterfly’s 8 x 11 hard cover book as I thought this would give me lots of rooms for both pictures and writing.  So to start off I needed a cover and like most new moms each month we took a picture of our daughter wearing the same outfit so you could see how she grew.  I arranged these pictures around the the edge in order and created the cover of our time capsule book.


Next I filled the book with pictures of her first bath, first time eating solid foods, first out of state visit, etc. etc.  I tried to do this chronologically.  Then I filled in with pages of all the big historical events that happened this year like the Summer Olympics, Super Bowl, Oscars, General Election, and music.  I then selected pictures that kind of matched or went along with the theme of those events.  For example on the page about the Super Bowl (see above) a picture of her wearing her Packers jersey while hanging out with her dad.  Or below the most played song of year “Call me Maybe” with a picture of her chewing on a toy cell phone.  Then guest could write in how their team will make it to the Super Bowl next year, or what summer job they had and heard that song over and over again.


Or guests could write messages on the inside covers as well.  We kept this book on a table in our entryway with different colors of scrap booking pens and a sign that explained what it was and what to do.  It was a great party activity that guests could do at their leisure and everyone seemed to really enjoy seeing all the pictures of our daughter and how she has grown in just a year.



All of her first holidays had a page.



And now our book will go back into the bright orange box it came in and 16 years from now it will be reopened and our daughter, family and friends will reminisce about her first year and how all of our lives changed.


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