A Birthday Party For a Princess

Growing up as a child, birthday parties consisted of having a couple of my closest girlfriends over for tea and cake. Now that, I am a parent, birthday parties have become huge events, some have been bigger than my wedding. I will admit that when I had my first born that I gave into the peer pressures of having extreme birthday parties for my kids. Three kids later, I have gotten back to what is important when celebrating my kids birthdays – them!


I recently hosted a small personalized princess party for my daughter and her girlfriends. It was a birthday party that my daughter and her friends will never forget. With the help of Shutterfly’s personalized products, I was able to make it extra special for all the little princesses who attended.


When sending out invitations to the party, I asked all parents to send me a couple of pictures of their little girls dressed in their favorite princess outfit. I then uploaded those images to Shutterfly to order personalized plates and cups for all the guests. Within just a few minutes, I was able to order the party supplies that would also serve as a parting gift too.


I made simple cucumber and cream cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that perfectly pair with pink lemonade and cupcakes for dessert. When all the girls arrived at the party, they gleamed with joy when seeing their adorable faces on the plates and cups around the table.


The girls were able to talk about their personalized plates while eating their special lunch and playing games. After the party, I made an online Photo Show DVD to send with our thank you cards for the gifts that my daughter received at her party. It was a perfect personalized princess party that my daughter and her friends will talk about for years to come.


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