Yearbook Photo Book

There is something special about school yearbooks, maybe it is the searching and finding of pictures of yourself and friends, or the nostalgia later in life. Whatever the case may be, yearbooks are a special way to capture school memories. Shutterfly has a great selection of yearbooks.

Of course, the school I taught, at before having my daughter, offered yearbooks to all students. But, I also made a Shutterfly yearbook of just my class. This idea allowed me to reminisce about the school year that had just come to a close and make something more personal for all my students.

Shutterfly Yearbook Photo Book

The original idea behind the yearbook was to make something that included all the pictures I had taken of my students throughout the year. I wanted to be able to capture all the memories of our year together as a class family; even memories of the last day of school, in a book only about our class. Before creating the yearbook I would email all my students/parents to get any pictures they wanted to add as well as compile all the pictures that I took. It is a very unique way to incorporate all pictures taken and see things I wouldn’t have seen otherwise (other groups I wasn’t supervising on field trips, personal accomplishments, awards ceremonies, field day, etc).

Features that I love-

The storyboard feature allowed me a way to group pictures by topic, occasion, et cetera, which made the book flow more easily from page to page/topic to topic.

Layouts with many areas to add pictures- I took a picture of each student on the first day of school and then another picture of each student on the last day of school and was able to put them side-by-side on two pages (this was a neat way to see how much each student had changed).

Both the parents and students would get so excited once I created the book and shared it with them through email by the “Share” feature on Shutterfly’s website. Some parents would order them right away, and others would take what I created and add other features/options (leather bound, more embellishments, other text, etc). I would even receive emails back stating how excited my students were about the book and they saw pictures they didn’t know even existed and ones they had forgotten about from earlier in the school year. The students also loved the idea that they were able to get a school-wide yearbook AND a personalized classroom yearbook.

Shutterfly Yearbook Photo Book

Yearbooks like the ones that you can create on Shutterfly’s website, are also a great gift to make and give to the teacher of the class! I was told by my room parents that they might “steal” my yearbook idea and put together a book for their child’s next teacher as an end of the year appreciation gift. Yearbooks can be compiled of an entire school, classroom, or grade level.

***Faces have been edited to protect the identities of students and staff members.

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