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What kinds of pictures do you take? You’ll probably never know, or even think about it, unless you begin to think of themes. In my blog post last month I showed and wrote about photographs under the theme of Windows.

There are so many themes that can reward you with interesting pictures that are even better because of being linked to a theme. I’ll share some photographs with you that will serve as a preview of themes I’ll cover in future months. These will include Food, Statues, Water, Reflections and Photos Taken in a Day.

When you think of themes do you think of including parks, flowers or foliage? Or – how about interesting sculptures or statues? You will never know where your photographic strengths lie until you search your photos to see what is of most interest to you.

I know we all love food, but the photos we take of food will often be pretty disappointing and only become shots of people eating or sipping. These are usually not very interesting and can be much improved by zooming in on the food and not on the people eating the food.

My first photo shows a breakfast served at a B&B in Georgia where my wife and I stayed recently. It was nicely presented on a beautiful plate and will be included in a Shutterfly photo book I’m working on. When food is part of an event, try to include a photo of the food in some way.


Food can be fun, too, and I bought this hot dog in Beroun, Czech Republic, and it cost about $ .30. My wife was willing to pose for this photo. She then let me eat the dog and it was pretty good.

E's Prague, Vienna for Christmas 2006 144

When taking pictures of statues or sculptures, it’s easy to shoot without thinking about what else is visible. I get low so that the background will not take away from the subject. I often use the sky as the background.

EJ in Portugal in Aug 09 088

Many styles of photos can be included under the theme of Water. I’ve made a Shutterfly photo book with the title of Aqua. These two pictures were taken within a few miles of each other in North Florida. One is of divers exploring one of the many springs in this area and the other shows some near-by cypress knees.

Don & Earl's Trip to 5 springs in February 028

Don & Earl's Trip to 5 springs in February 022

How about making a record of your photography in one day or within a certain period of time? Here’s two pictures I took in one day while visiting Sopot, Poland. First shows the Crooked House in downtown Sopot (yes, that is really how it looks) and the second is of the near-by Molo, the longest wooden pier in Europe.

E in Vienna, Olomouc & Poland 09 269

E in Vienna, Olomouc & Poland 09 273

Reflections is a favorite theme of mine. When taking reflections, you will want to shoot in the golden hours (the time around sunrise and sunset). These photos were taken in Georgia just before sunset.



I hope these examples will lead you to be Thinking Themes when you take your next pictures.

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