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by Jamie Lapeyrolerie Posted on June 05, 2013

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To say I’m a fan of photographs would be a slight understatement. I’ve been taking photos since Polaroid days and I still have my Dad’s Olympus from the 70s. Now that I’m a professional in the digital age, things have changed a bit! The thought of memories and images forever locked away on a computer (that can always crash) or a hard drive somewhere makes my heart break a little. Pictures are meant to be seen and shared!

Shutterfly Photo Books

Since I’m always with a camera, I had to think of ways to get away from heavy and space-eating photo albums (move once and you’ll feel me on that) but still be able to see the images without needing a computer.

Shutterfly Photo Books

Enter in Shutterfly. I meet Shutterfly and it was love at first sight. My favorite thing? Photo books! I love love love the photo books Shutterfly has to offer! There are so many options (size, style, layout, colors, etc). And do I use them for everything! I have a book for my Instagram images (why should pictures be locked away in a phone?), annual yearbooks, books for my travel adventures and for those special events (like my sister’s wedding or my niece’s first birthday). They make great gifts too! One of my favorite 30th birthday gifts? My best friend created a Shutterfly book of our friendship since 5th grade. Loved it!

Shutterfly Photo Books

I’m also really excited about my current project. I’m taking the massive photo albums that have been moving around with me from state to state and creating Shutterfly photo books. I’ve partnered with various scanning companies (the deals these days are amazing!) and once they scan them, I start adding them to Shutterfly books. Not only does the space saved make it 100 times worth it, they are so much cleaner and better quality to look at. Nothing like re-living college days and laughing at memories and for me, fashion choices :).

Shutterfly Photo Books

Shutterfly truly provides a quality and fantastic product to help display all your memories, whatever they may be! Try one and I promise you won’t turn back. Happy creating!

Shutterfly Photo Books

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